Education App offers parents a mobile app, which provides them all the information at their fingertips. 
At the school's end - Education App offers a simple intuitive web interface to manage the communication so school is always in control of what parent's receive on the app.
Challenge in School Parent communication Today, parents expect to be involved and informed real-time by schools. 
Schools too want to communicate effectively and timely with parents for whom they use multiple medium - emails, text messages, 
print media (newsletters) and school diary. 
This approach is time consuming and chaotic for both, the school and the parents There is definitely need of a better solution that brings entire communications under one umbrella.
Features :
- Manage Student Details
- Manage Student Attendance
- Manage Exams and Results
- Manage Student Reports
- Growth chart of student
- Events and news
- Holidays
- Top students information
- Teacher information
- Communicate Student/Parent with School by message

We are providing you app related source that are used to develope Education  app. When you donwload source from codecanyon you will get following folders in zip file.

Education App contains

Education  App  [Folder]




Admin Panel 

 open android studio 

go to File->Open and select app codecanyon download file. see belowe 


change your url to host your admin panel. 

go to app->src->main->java->Config->Constvalue


Education ->app->src->AndroidMainfest.xml  ans rename your package name


Education ->app->build.gradle  and rename your package name


Education ->app->main->java-> and rename your package name

Right click on ->Refactor->rename  your package name


Change your App Display Name

education ->app->main->res->values->strings.xml


Upload source of  "AdminPanel" folder to your server. 

Control Panel :

IF you are using any CPANEL licence then it it easy to upload code to your server. by just login to your cpanel then open file manager 

in file manage Open "public_html"  or "www"  folder and and upload  content of "source" folder there. 

FTP Upload :

Connect your ftp account with filezilla or other ftp connection tools. and same as in root directory navigate to "public_html"  or "www"  folder and and upload  content of "source" folder there. 

Step 1 : 
For upload this source to your site you can use FTP details : login with your FTP and choose folder "Server Site" and upload it to your site
Step 2 :

Navigate to your cPanel->PhpMyAdmin tool and open the newly create database. It is empty and there are no tables. Enter the table name and the number of fields. Click on the Go button to create the table.


Import Default(education.sql) Database by just clicking  “Import” and choose “database.sql” from package folder. Anf click on Go button to imprort it now your databse it ready.                                          


 (Note : If you are working on live website then Create User for that database and assig his role with databse.)

Change database configuration with your site. 
Edit file at  "education/config/database.php"
here change your database name, database user name amd password
database connection
Next step is change your site url (andmin panel open your url)
Edit file at  "education/config/config.php"

Now Run

 ( example : )

Login Admin

Url :

UserName : admin

Password : terminal

admin login

Then open Admin dashbord. Here display  list of school ..

dashbord andmin

Now click on User Management.

1. Add User ( add new school here)

add school

2. List User -> admin can edit and active / deactive perticular user

admin list


Login School 

Url :

UserName : school

Password : terminal

school login


dash bord

Information left side Menu.

1. Update School Profile

school profile

2. Teacher Management


3. Standard Management


4. Student Management


5. Attendence Management

     In Attendence management user can manage two type 

     1. Manualy Add Attendence.


    2. Upload .Xlsx .xls file. show file forment belowe image


6. Exam management and exam result


Add result


7. School Event Management 

8. Holiday


9. Add Top ten student


10. Notice bord 

notice bord

11. enquiry message


 How to get configuration file

GO TO Get a configuration file

gcm one

Next Screen


Copy Api key and paste show next screen

copy api key

Now open Adminpanel-> application->config->config.php and paste 

paste api key

Download google-services.json

The next step is downloading the google-services.json file. This configuration file contains google services information specific to your app. You can configure google services like cloud messaging, google analytics, admob, sign in with google in the same configuration file. But in this article, we�ll choose only the gcm.


Add the downloaded google-services.json to your project�s app folder. Make sure that you are placing this json file correctly under app folder. Otherwise you won�t be successful in implementing the gcm.

Now to go to Android studio and paste google-services.json in App folder. (see belowe screen)replace

We wont to say special thanks to following componet developers and their owner which we have used to developer this app.

 compile 'com.github.PhilJay:MPAndroidChart:v2.2.4'
 compile ''
We wont to special thanks to  google, android and android studio team to give us such platform to develope.


We are here to helping you to configure app and other bugs related support.  You can go through comment and our product or can mail or direct skype with us :

email :

skype : jayeshkotadiya1990